December 19, 2016


Welcome to Northern Eyes Optometry

Our Nisga’a clinic located in Gitlaxt’aamiks (Aiyansh) is part of our commitment to providing optometric services in our Northern region. Milli Azak and her staff, working along side.Dr. Khare, OD and Irwin, provide the optometric services to the beautiful Nass Valley.

Each member of the Northern Eyes Optometry staff (Irwin, Nancy & Matthew) contribute uniquely to NEO’s winning formula and compliment Dr. Surinder Khare’s own character and expertise.

Dr Surinder Khare

Dr Surinder Khare is our Optometrist at Northern Eye Optometry.Following his Bachelor of Science degree from Simon Fraser University, Dr. Surinder Khare ventured south to attain his Doctor of Optometry degree at Indiana University graduating in 2009. Dr. Khare, OD, specializes in primary care optometry including refractive surgery co-management.

  Irwin Jeffery

Irwin Jeffrey attended Simon Fraser University and in 1985 acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree. Irwin has been in the Optical industry for twenty nine years and, in 1991, obtained his Optician and Contact Lens Fitting licensing. Irwin has seen many changes in the optical industry lending an uncommon expertise. Outside of work, Irwin loves to cycle, write and fish (not necessarily in that order). Participation in a writer’s group (“Inkstir”) and in the local faith community are the high points of Irwin’s rather busy week.


Nancy picks up where Dr. Khare and Irwin leave off. Nancy has been in the optometric field for sixteen years and is part of the management team. Ordering the next season’s selection of frame styles and colors is one of her favorite responsibilities. Nancy can be found pretesting patients, dispensing optical wear and running the front office. She is well known locally for her passion of singing and for the singing of her passions. She is an advocate of human rights (especially senior) and a committed caregiver. Faith, family, friends and education top her list of priorities.


Matthew picks up where Nancy, Irwin and Dr. Khare leave off. He is a second year Geo Science major who loves fishing, hunting and outdoor activities. If not engaging in sports, analytics or citizen science, Matthew can be found doing…something else.

Mr. Orange

Introducing the newest member to Northern Eyes Optometry: Mr. Orange!

Mr. Orange comes to us from France where he was equip t for his role by the R&D department of the largest Optical company in the world, “Essilor”. Mr. Orange does everything with flare and precision: all modern lens materials and frame mountings are his forte.

Lens Edger